10 Boxster Easy Upgrades

Here is a list of 10 Boxster Easy Upgrades to improve the looks of your car, add functionality, and personalize your Boxster experience. This list of “low hanging” upgrades that are easy to do and very low cost.

10 Boxster Easy Upgrades

1. Porsche Racing Pedals

Racing Pedals with Porsche Branding are a Boxster Easy Upgrade
Racing Pedals with Porsche Branding

This was one of my first upgrades to my 987.2 Boxster. I ordered this upgrade from SuncoastParts.COM. I received the parts in a couple of days and installed the new pedals in under an hour. The hardest part of the install was drilling the mounting holes in the base clutch and brake levers.

I can no longer find this upgrade on Suncoast Parts, as I think there was an issue that the pedals came with Porsche branding on them. However, you will have no issues finding these aluminum Porsche Racing Pedals on Ebay.

I am very happy with these pedals (pictured above) and have been using them for over 10 years. I even find heel and toe shifting easier than using the stock pedals.

Old Original 987.2 Pedal Cap
Old Original 987.2 Pedal Caps

1(b) Racing Track Pedals

If you are serious about the upgrade to racing pedals and plan on tracking your Boxster I would strongly recommend getting a set of pedals from Rennline.

Rennline Racing Pedals (and floor boards) for the ultimate Boxster Easy Upgrade
Rennline Racing Pedals (and floor boards)

This is a true Heel and Toe Pedal set, as it comes with additional tabs on the upper and lower parts of the throttle pedal. The tabs are colored red in the photo above.

Expect to pay more than 4 times (4x) the amount of the original pedal option first recommended. However, Rennline gives you just a ton of options including rubber grip or perforated pedals.

  • All billet aluminum and 300 series stainless steel construction and compensates.
  • Eliminates factory plastic hinge and mount that are notorious to fatigue and failure.
  • Integrated hinge incorporates bronze bearings impregnated with 19% SAE 30 oil
  • Dramatically improves heel and toe driving by allowing for individual driver ergonomic adjustments
  • Spherical rod end and stainless steel linkage that utilizes OEM cable cams (996/986)
  • Precision machined socket that accepts factory potentiometer arm (987/997/991/Pano)
  • Removable throttle extensions
  • Pedal covers are available in black and silver
  • Pedal extensions available in red, black or silver
  • Rubber grips are removable to give you a smooth pedal surface if desired

2. Trunk Liners

I use my Boxster as my Daily Driver during the summer months. I often do all of my day to day shopping and as a result, it was a “must-have” to purchase quality trunk liners.

Porsche Front Trunk Protection Liner is a mandatory Boxster Easy Upgrade
Porsche Front Trunk Protection Liner

For the Front or Frunk compartment I purchase the Porsche Branded liner. At some PCA (Porsche Club of America) events, drivers use this liner as a cooler and fill it with ice to serve beverages out of.

For the rear trunk, you cannot beat the Porsche rear cargo liner. You cannot beat this option for fit and functionality. It has definitely saved me from a few grocery and horticulture spills on the drive home.

Porsche Rear Trunk Protection Liner
Porsche Rear Trunk Protection Liner

Both these upgrades preserve the interior of your trunk compartments and you can install them in seconds.

3. Hood Liners (Das Schild)

If you plan on the heavy use of your trunk compartments then it is recommended to get good hood liners (front and back) for your Boxster.

Das Schild Front Hood Protector Liner
Das Schild Front Hood Protector Liner

Many owners have had the unfortunate experience of closing the hood on a sharp edge of a box or cargo only to put a major dent in their hood. This is a very common problem. It is a shame when you see damage from accidental denting.

Das Schild comes with the highest Porsche community recommendations, and comes with an option for both the front and rear trunk hoods.

Das Schild Rear Hood Protector on a 987.2
Das Schild Rear Hood Protector on a 987.2 – 8 Years of Use

4. Radiator Grilles

I have cleaned my radiators once, and now never again. Ben Burner does an excellent overview of the cleaning the Boxster Radiators and it is outlined in this linked article.

Depending on where and when you drive, you can experience a lot of road debris collecting in your radiators. You have to do the cleaning to actually appreciate just how much debris can collect in your radiators, and thus this upgrade is on the 10 Boxster Easy Upgrades list.

5. Interior LED Lights

Upgrading your interior lights to LED has a dramatic effect on the aesthetics of the interior of your car. The oem lighting was a yellow-amber look vs the crisp daylight brightness of the new LED upgrade lights.

Interior LED Light
Interior LED Light – OEM vs LED Side by Side Comparison

There is a number of bulbs to change to achieve this upgrade and they are outlined as follows:

5.1 LED Lights

  • Overhead Console x 1
  • Doors x 2
  • Front & Rear Trunk x 2
  • Housing for Glove Box x 1
  • Housing for the lower dash x 2

These lights can be sourced from most online vendors. I opted to use the LED Light set from SuncoastParts.COM. This is very easy to install in under 5 minutes. Amazon is selling multiple Interior LED Light Kits:

5.2 Bonus LED Ghost/Puddle Lights

For the ultimate customization, you can get Puddle or Ghost LED lights that shine a Porsche Logo, thus illuminating the ground below the vehicle when your doors are opened.

LED Puddle lights can be added to any vehicle and are very easy to install. Amazon puddle lights now display the Porsche logo.

5.2.1 Sells Out QUICKLY

6. Exterior LED Lights

Upgrading your Boxster with Exterior LED License Lights is an excellent low-cost upgrade. These lights make a considerable difference when used, and give your car the modern crisp look over the original incandescent lights.

LED License Lights make an Excellent Low Cost Upgrade
LED License Lights make an Excellent Low-Cost Upgrade

These lights can be sourced from most online vendors. I opted to use the LED Light set from SuncoastParts.COM. This is very easy to install in under 5 minutes. Amazon now makes these jits available for most Boxsters:

7. Clear Side Marker Lights

Enhance your Boxster to the true European look when you upgrade your Boxster to use Clear (or Smoked) Side Marker LED Lights. Remove those old ugly ORANGE side markers, NOW!!

Amazon now sells both clear and smoked LED side marker lights for all models of Boxster:

8. Tires

Your Boxster will go through tires like nothing. I easily went through my first set of rear tires in under 6000 miles. It is important to get a set of tires that will last and most importantly stick to the road.

Tires are very critical upgrade on the 10 Boxster Easy Upgrades list.

9. Floor Mats & Liners

Floor mats are important to upgrade in order to preserve the interior of your Boxster. Porsche purists will opt for coco mats. I am very happy with the Exclusive Porsche Floormats from Suncoast and use them for the majority of my driving.

However, I do spend a lot of time at the beach and the OEM mats absorb more sand than my bathing suit. I quickly opted for the WeatherTech Floor liners. These floor liners make clean up a snap.

You cannot beat the fit and build of the WeatherTech Floor Liners.

WeatherTech Floor Liners
WeatherTech Floor Liners

So make sure to get a good set of Floor Mats as they will improve the look of your car and add to the preservation of your interior of your car.

10. Leather Driving Gloves

On the track, I wear my Sparco Gloves. They are a little long and bright to wear when I am daily driving. The Sparco’s are so comfortable. You cannot beat open lapping nights when you can concentrate on hitting the apex.

Sparco Gloves

If you love driving and you want the support and grip of gloves. I often make the drive from New York down to Florida and find that wearing leather driving gloves reduces hand fatigue.

I have used multiple brands of leather gloves from Danier, Wilson, etc. to wear for my long driving trips. Since buying these “High Quality” Gaspar gloves, I have not looked back.

Ryan Gosling Drive
Gaspar Gloves in Brown

Gaspar Gloves is the creator of the original gloves as seen in the movie “Drive”, and these gloves are exact replicas of what Ryan Gosling was wearing. I was surprised by the quality and fit of these gloves.

Gaspar Gloves
Gaspar Gloves – 8 Years of Use

My primary reason for getting these gloves was to reduce fatigue on my hands during 8+ hours (sometimes 20+ hours) of driving.

The correct sizing of your driving gloves will play a critical aspect in their application.

When driving through the mountains of West Virginia and the compulsory drive on the Tail of the Dragon, my hands would stick to the steering wheel and start to go numb. These gloves make ALL the difference in the world. If you are looking for a high level of grip. comfort and sensitivity this is a cheap way to go.

Tail of the Dragon
Tail of the dragon, 318 curves in 11 miles

I plan on doing the Route 66 drive.

NOTE: Make sure you take the time to measure your glove size. This is critical when ordering on-line.


I hope you enjoyed this short list of 10 Boxster Easy Upgrades. I was looking for quick, easy and low cost upgrades that you can consider to improve your Boxster experience.

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