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How and why you should Winterize Your Porsche

Here are some of the reasons on how and why you should winterize your Porsche.

1) Prepare Your Garage

Thoroughly clean the location of where you will be storing your Porsche. Make sure the area is dust free. If moisture is an issue coming up from the floor, place a layer of poly sheeting or tarp on the floor. This will prevent rust from forming on the undercarriage.

Waterproof tarps Tarpaulin Hanjet 15′ x 20′ 5-mil Thick Camping Tents Poly Tarp Army Green – Protect Your Tent, Flatbed, Firewood, or Roof

2) Wash Your Porsche Inside & Out

Have your car professionally detailed inside and out with plenty of coats of Wax, Sealer or Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection (bonus points). This will prevent corrosion of the paint on your Porsche.

CarPro Cquartz 50 ml Kit

3) Clean Your Wheels

Clean your Rims thoroughly inside and out. Make sure the rims are free of ALL brake dust. 

Chemical Guys WAC_303 8-Ounce Wheel Guard Rim and Wheel Sealant

4) Condition all Rubber and Plastic Items

Make sure to use a conditioning compound on all exposed rubber and plastic items on the exterior of your Porsche. This will ensure that they do not crumble or crack with the humidity and temperature changes.

nextzett 91480615 ‘Gummi Pflege Stift’ Rubber Care Stick – 3.4 fl. oz

5) Change Your Engine Oil and Filter

Porsche Service advisors recommend changing your oil and filter before your store your vehicle for the Winter. This will ensure that your Porsche is stored with clean oil. The clean oil will reduce the risk of harmful contaminants working away at your engine during hibernation — and you’ll be ready to go in spring.

6) Top Off All Fluids

Make sure all of your fluids are topped off, especially antifreeze, windshield washer fluid and brake fluid.

7) Ensure minimum Coolant Protection Coverage

Make sure your Porsche coolant is at a minimum of % strenght to give you coverage down to minus 30°C to prevent damage to your radiators, engine block, cylinder head and water pump.

Genuine 00004330105 Coolant porsche 911

8) Set Tire Pressure

To avoid flattened tires, overinflate all tires by approximately 8-10 psi. 
Overinflate the tires when the tires are cold, therefore you won’t get an inaccurate reading. Don’t worry about using jack stands or lifting the car.

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9) Gas

Ensure your gas tank is full of premium fuel to prevent condensation and reduce tank airspace. 

10) Place Carpet Tiles Under Tires

Various Porsche owners use carpet pieces under tires in addition to adding more psi. This will further removes the risk of flat edges on your tires. Use two 2×2 carpet pieces (double layer). 

11) Use a Fuel Additive or Stabilizer

Make sure to add a fuel stabilizer to your tank when preparing for winter car storage, because this will protect the gas tank and gas lines.

STA-BIL 22208 Fuel Stabilizer, 8. Fluid_Ounces

12) Rodent Proof

Rodents love to find their way into your car and make it their cozy home during the winter. As a result, this can wreak havoc if they chew wires. As a precaution, place a ball of steel wool in the exhaust pipe opening to prevent
rodents from making a nest in your Porsche’s exhaust. Seal the air inlet, and place laundry fabric sheets inside the cabin and trunk. Place
bars of Irish Spring soap, mothballs, or mint leaves around the vehicle to repel mice and squirrels. Make sure to also close all air vents to keep critters out.

13) Keep it Dry

Use desiccant silica gel packs (about 5 or 6) and place them in the vehicle so moisture will not build up. Products like DampRid are also effective in keeping moisture out.

DampRid Moisture Absorber with Activated Charcoal, 18oz (3 Pack)

14) Parking Brake

Put the car in gear and release your parking brake. Make sure to place wooden blocks or wheel chalks under the front and back of a tire to keep your Porsche in place.

YM W4194 Solid Rubber Wheel Chock with Handle, 8-3/4″ Length, 4″ Width, 6″ Height – Pack of 2

15) Install a Battery Maintainer

Connect the battery to a battery maintainer (not a trickle charger) to charge your battery via your cigarette lighter, select the pulse maintaining mode which is made to charge the battery while storing your vehicle. It is recommended to use the CTEK 3300 at a minimum.

CTEK (56-158) MULTI US 3300 12 Volt Fully Automatic 4 Step Battery Charger

16) Wiper Blades

Prop your wiper arms off your windshield using blocks of wood or cardboard. This ensures that your wiper blades do not remain in contact with your windshield during storage. This keeps your wiper blade edges in top form.

17) Windows

Lower your car windows very slightly (approximately 10mm or .5″.) This removes all pressure on the window seals. This will also promote air flow and reduces condensation.

18) Cover

Cover up your Porsche. Use a good quality car cover to keep your paint finish safe from dirt and dust. An indoor cover for inside storage and an outdoor cover for outside storage. A high-quality tight fitting cover that will allow the car to breathe is a must.

Porsche Cayman (987) Indoor Car Cover
Car Cover Indoor OE Porsche Boxster 981
Porsche Boxster 718 Indoor Car Cover

19) Insurance

Those of us with newer vehicles may want to cancel the liability and collision portion of their insurance to save during the off-season. However, always maintain comprehensive (fire, theft and acts of god). Most classic car policies do not allow the option to temporarily suspend part of the coverage.

20) Wait until Spring

As tempting as it may be, do not start the vehicle until it is ready to come out of storage. 

A lot of people think starting a car every few weeks during winter storage is a good idea. But, unless you intend on taking the car for a good drive, simply letting it idle is actually detrimental to your car, because condensation will build through the various systems and not properly burn-off. Don’t be tempted to take it for a drive on a “nice winter day.” After all, you don’t want to go through the entire process again. Best policy is let sleeping bears lay to rest. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and you will appreciate your beloved ride more when you finally get to bring it out of storage in the spring.

2 thoughts on “How and why you should Winterize Your Porsche

  1. I think this is a very comprehensive list of “Things to do” before storing your Porsche. A couple of the things I had not thought of. Good reminders on all the tips. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Well, Porsche is a luxury car representing the German automotive industry. That does not mean, you will take its winter aftercare steps for granted. Obviously not. Like other automobiles, it is an automobile. So, keeping it winterized all along the Jack Frost is a must. You have to follow the same procedure for the winterization of Porsche. You need to check windshield wipers, antifreeze, battery, tires, brakes, and other electrical stuffs to winter-proof your speedster. Hiring a car-geek will come advantageous during the execution of the maintenance commotions.

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