Upgrade your Boxster to Clear Side Marker Lights

Give your Boxster the true European look when you Upgrade your Boxster to Clear Side Marker Lights. Remove those old ugly ORANGE side markers!!

Comparison of Clear VS Orange Marker Lights

North American Orange to European Clear

This is a super easy upgrade to improve the general aesthetics of your car. What makes the project even easier is that you are using authentic Porsche parts, ensuring fit and operation.

Installed Boxster Clear Side Marker Lights

Clear Marker Lights Installed
Just a Stunning and Subtle Look.

In North America, I strongly recommend the purchase of these lights from Suncoast Parts Porsche Parts & Accessories. Otherwise, try to source these parts from your local dealer and show your PCA membership card for a further 10% to 25% discount.

This upgrade for your Boxster is under 2 minutes’ work.

You are using OEM Porsche Factory parts and the marker lights are fully interchangeable.

Easy Upgrade

Whether you’re replacing old cracked lenses or just want a change from stock, the clear marker replacements snap in place in minutes; no tools or mods required.

Old Orange Marker Light

Orange Side Marker Lights
Say Good Bye to Your Old Orange Marker Lights

Amazon now sells both clear and smoked LED side marker lights for all models of Boxster:

From the Internet:

How To install LED Clear Side Marker’s on a Porsche Cayman/Boxster 981

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