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Porsche Convertible Top Cleaning & Conditioning

Porsche Convertible Top Cleaning & Conditioning is very important for Boxster owners. The Porsche Boxster is a masterpiece of beauty, performance, and superior engineering.

The Porsche Boxster have soft tops that are made of a durable polyacrylic/polyester canvas. The fabric-like canvas tops feel nice and look great. Whereas, vinyl tops used on other cars (and boats) are more economical and easier to maintain.

Issue with Boxster Convertible Top

The issue with a canvas convertible top is that it is not waterproof. It is only water-resistant. But there’s a solution!

To make the canvas convertible top waterproof, it should be treated.

Without protection, canvas tops are susceptible to leaking, stains and collecting mildew.

Boxster Convertible Tops Need to Avoid

Common cleaning products can be very harmful to your soft top. For this reason, you should never use an automated car wash as the detergents are very bad for your canvas roof.

Chemicals you should never use on or near your top include ammonia, bleach, detergent, alcohol, and vinegar. These chemicals will destory your canvas.

If you don’t want to pay to replace your canvas top. Know your chemicals before applying or using them to your top!

The Number 1 Enemy of Your Convertible Top

One of the biggest wear factors for canvas tops is dust. It settles into the weave of the fabric and begins to act like sandpaper. Thus you must clean your convertible top on a regular basis to prevent the collection of dust.

How to Clean your Boxster Convertible Top

Wash your soft top at least once a month (or when it is dusty or dirty) with a non-detergent-based auto shampoo. If your top is not dirty, rinse it thoroughly with plenty of cool water. Make sure the shampoo does not contain gloss-enhancing oils. Otherwise, the top will absorb the oil and be a dust magnet. I recommend that you use RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Cleaner Kit.

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Cleaner/Protectant Kit

Porsche Convertible Top Cleaning & Conditioning - Cleaning

The Porsche Boxster fabric top, should be washed using a soft brush and a soap that doesn’t contain detergents or conditioners. If the top is properly protected and conditioned, the water will bead.

The recommended tool for washing is a soft scrub brush. Do not use a cloth, chenille-covered sponge or lamb’s wool mitt because they will leave lint. If your top has soil marks, stains or bird droppings then use a small and stiff upholstery scrub brush. The Raggtopp kit comes with an excellent horse hair brush which is perfect for the job.

Make Sure to Use a Long Bristle Horse Hair Brush

If you can rub the brush across the back of your hand without scratching your skin, it’s safe to use on your soft top. Do not, however, use a scrub brush on the vinyl window. It will scratch. Rinse the top thoroughly with a stiff stream of water to remove all of the shampoo and dirt.

Dry your canvas top with a synthetic chamois or quality micro fiber towels.
The Raggtopp kit comes with 2 microfiber towels which is perfect for the job.

The best method is to use the towel or chamois to blot up the water.

Protecting Your Convertible Top

Boxster canvas tops are not waterproof they need to be treated.

Want to make a canvas top waterproof and stain resistant? Treat it with a protective spray.

One that I strongly recommend is RaggTopp Protectant.

RaggTopp Fabric Convertible Top Cleaner/Protectant Kit

This is the only fabric protectant that contains an anti-fungus agent. It prevents mold and mildew.

I have used Porsche Tequipment Convertible Top Conditioner and 303 High Tech Fabric Guard. But they do not offer the same protection as the Raggtopp.

Before you spray your soft top with protectant, it must be clean and dry. I recommend use a lint brush to remove any debris and stray fibers on your roof before applying the treatment.

Use a scrub brush.

Take a full .75-ounce dose of top or car shampoo and deep-clean the top.

Applying the canvas top protectant is best done in conjunction with waxing.

Porsche Convertible Top Cleaning & Conditioning - Masking

I recommend taping off your paint and vinyl trim before applying the spray-on treatment. Over-spray takes a lot of effort to remove and this will make cleanup very easy.

UPDATE For Applying Protectant

Make use of a micro roller!! This is a true time-saver as you will not need to do a full tape off of all the areas around your convertible top and eliminate all over-spray using the micro roller.

How-to Apply Canvas Convertible Top Protectant

  1. Thoroughly clean and vacuum your canvas roof.
  2. Apply lint brush after vacuuming.
  3. Mask around your entire canvas top and rear window with tape and newspaper. Once dry, the overspray from the protectant is very difficult to remove from paint, vinyl trim and glass. Lift the top slightly and slip newspaper between the top and windshield frame.
  4. Do the same between the top and side windows. Use masking tape and newspaper to mask the areas where the top and rear panels meet. Use masking tape and newspaper again to completely mask the rear window (do not leave any vinyl trim showing).
  5. Be sure to shake the top-protectant for 30 to 60 seconds.
  6. Apply Sealer using a micro roller or spray two light coats from a distance of about 7″ to 9″ on the whole top. Start in the center on one side and work toward your body in even, back-and-forth sprays, releasing your finger at the end of each pass. Repeat on the other side. Spray a third light coat on the seams.
  7. Remove masking materials.
  8. Check for overspray on paint. Remove any overspray with pre-wax cleaner or polish.
Excellent Results.

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  1. I have used RaggTopp with good results also have used Sunbrella products on the advise of a professional car top installer that does high end and classic tops, also had good results

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