Porsche Boxster Accessories

Porsche Boxster Accessories are essential to enhance your Porsche Boxster. As one of the best sports cars on the road, here at Boxstertips, we have collected a list of must-have accessories for your Boxster.

1. Battery Charger

Storage of Porsche Boxsters is part of you maintence process. Boxsters are not very good in the snow and should never be sugjected to road salt. Road salt will limit the life of your Boxster. A good battery charger is critical to the life and maintenance of your Porsche Boxster.

The most common forum thread topic on any Boxster forum is dead batteries. You need to take steps from preventing this issue leaving you stranded. For this reason, the battery charger is at the top of our Porsche Boxster Accessories list.

The Best Battery Charger for Your Boxster article has an excellent overview of Porsche Boxster battery chargers. If you plan on ever parking your Boxster for more than 3 weeks, you will need the Best Battery Charger for your Porsche Boxster.

Boxstertips has a dedicated article on this important accessory:

2. Floor Mats

Floor mats are essential for the care of your Porsche Boxster. They protect your car interior from wear and stains. As a result, they make the Porsche Boxster Accessories list.

You can do no better than the Weathertech mats. These mats protect from liquids, mud, dirt, debris, sand, etc. When these mats are in, I never worry about passengers getting in or out of the car.

You cannot beat these mats on track days as they will stand up to anything you can through at them.

The custom fit of these mats is legendary. They will preserve the value of your Boxster.

Some people may not need the protection of an all-weather floor mat and as a result, at Boxstertips we recommend the OEM mats. These mats offer luxury, comfort, and protection to your car interior. You can source these mats from your local dealer and remember to make use of your PCA discount (5% to 20% off).

3. AGM Car Battery

The Boxster 986/987 Standard Lead Acid Moll batteries should be replaced at the first sign of losing their charge. You need to upgrade your car battery to a VLRA AGM Battery asap. AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. It is the newer technology over the OEM lead-acid batteries used in the 986 and 987 models.

AGM batteries differ from a standard lead-acid battery in that the electrolyte is contained in glass mats. Originally designed in the US for Aircraft, AGM batteries are just better.

  • They can be mounted in any position
  • superior handling of vibration
  • designed to prevent the emission of hydrogen gas on overcharge
  • electrolyte levels are a non-issue
  • shorter recharge time (up to 5x faster)
  • AGM batteries cannot tolerate overcharging., and overcharging will shorten the battery life,
  • safer for the environment
  • excellent cold temperature performance

On all Boxster forums, users have reported excellent performance using standard AGM batteries (Optima, ACDelco, Delphi, etc.) that fit your model of Boxster. The properly sized model of battery for your Boxster is critical, please double-check before ordering. A review on Amazon should provide many AGM Battery options.

Example of an 7+ year Old Excide Edge AGM 94RC Battery in a 987.2 Boxster
Example of an 7+ year Old Exide Edge AGM 94RC Battery in a 987.2 Boxster

4. Car Cover

A good car cover is instrumental in the long-term management of your Porsche Boxster and makes our Porsche Boxster Accessories list. Your #1 enemy of your Convertible Top is the collection of dust within the canvas of the convertible top. A dirty canvas convertible will shorten the life of your convertible top. As part of your regular maintenance, you need to Clean and Condition your convertible top.

Boxstertips has a dedicated article on this important accessory:

A good car cover, when used properly, will prolong the life of your Porsche convertible top and paint finish. You can source both outdoor and indoor car covers from your local dealer, also remember to make use of your PCA discount (5% to 20% off).

Otherwise, Amazon has an excellent assortment of car covers. Please take the time to review and work with the vendor to ensure you are getting the correct size of car cover for your year and model of Boxster.

5. Wiper Blades

Not a lot of thought is given to your wiper blades, that is until you need them. 

he Absolutely best type of wiper blades for your Porsche Boxster are Silicone Wiper blades

Owning over 20 cars, I have used just about every wiper blade on the market (Michelin, Bosch, AC Delco, Rain X, etc.) I literally used to use wipers until they fell off the car. Although these are all good wiper blades.

I used to encounter wiper blade issues like:

  • Streaking or smudging on on windshield.
  • Squeaking and blade noise when in use.
  • Shudder at speed
  • Premature wear and failure

Most Boxsters use 22″ blades for the Passenger and Driver (986/987/987.2), Please confirm your size of wiper blades using the Amazon “Check Fit” option for all automotive parts and accessories to ensure the correct size is purchased for your Boxster.

Boxstertips has a dedicated article on this important accessory:

6. Upgrade to Clear Side Marker Lights

Give your Boxster the true European look when you Upgrade your Boxster to Clear Side Marker Lights. Remove those old ugly ORANGE side markers!!

Orange Side Marker Lights for Porsche Boxster
Orange Side Marker Lights for Porsche Boxster

You can source Clear Side Marker lights from your local Porsche Dealer. You can source both clear and orange side marker lights from your local dealer and remember to make use of your PCA discount (5% to 20% off).

Amazon offers a whole new assortment of LED clear side marker lights, although we at Boxstertips have not tested them. If you go this route, please take the time to review and work with the Amazon or Amazon Vendor to ensure you are getting the correct size marker light for your year and model of Boxster.

Amazon now sells both clear and smoked LED side marker lights for all models of Boxster:

Boxstertips has a dedicated article on this important accessory:

Porsche Boxster Accessories From the Forums

I tend to keep the mods on mine pretty low key and tasteful.
I hate anything that is “over-badged”.

1) The Boxster badge on the trunk was replaced by PORSCHE in silver letters.
2) LED low and high beam headlight bulbs.
3) LED bulbs in the front and rear trunk.
4) Silver powder-coated the lug bolts.
5) Countersunk the oil drain plugs on my lathe and added magnets.
6) Got rid of the warnings on the sun visors.
7) Added satin black aluminum mesh to the center radiator vent.
8) Repainted outside front bumper grills satin black.
9) Added valve stem caps with the PSI stamped on them. (I do that on all my rides)
10) short shifter

Many more mods to come. I’ve only had mine for a few months and I can’t seem to leave anything alone. Most of my time so far has been spent on detailing and maintenance.

Cheers. 2HE

Twin headlight Ernie@986forum.com

From the Internet

Excellent Video from RobMotive on Boxster Accessories
Awesome Video from Becca at SunCoast Parts

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