9 Porsche Boxster Hidden Features – 986/987/987.2 Easter Eggs

Here is a list of 9 Porsche Boxster hidden features that most new Boxster drivers will be unaware of. Many veteran Boxster drivers will find at least one of these features new to them.

1.0 Boxster Rear Spoiler Auto Deploy

Many Boxster drivers are oblivious to the fact that their rear spoiler automatically deploys at 75 mph (120 kph) and retracts at 50 mph (80 kph.)

It is also possible to manually extend and retract the Porsche Boxster spoiler using the button in the cabin.

Porsche Boxster 986 Spoiler Button
Porsche Boxster 986 Spoiler Button
Porsche Boxster 987 Spoiler Button.
Porsche Boxster 987 Spoiler Button.

2. There’s a cap hook on the fuel door

Boxstertips - Hidden Features - Gas Cap Hook
Boxstertips – 9 Hidden Features – Gas Cap Hook

When you’re refilling the gas tank, a hook on the fuel door is there to give you a place to hang the gas cap while you gas up your Porsche. This is the perfect little convenience if you’re ever irked about the gas cap making contact with the car’s paint job. This too was checked out for the ’06 Cayenne, but we’re positive that Porsche wouldn’t pass up this doodad with other models as well.

3. Rear Fog Light

Boxstertips - 9 Hidden Features - Rear Fog Light
Boxstertips – 9 Hidden Features – Rear Fog Light

Fog lights are a perfect tool when there is lots of rain, fog, or snow. Having an extra rear fog light helps maximize visibility. This is a subtle difference you’ll only notice when you really need it.

The Fog lights work only when the running lights are on or when the low beams are on. Turn the lights knob to the right and then pull out 1 click for front fogs, 2 clicks for both front and rear fog lights. There is only a single rear fog light on 986/987 Boxsters.

4. Cruise Control Deactivates at 145 MPH

If you are going almost 150 miles per hour, you are probably not thinking much about cruise control. The Porsche Boxster disables the cruise control above 145 MPH. This is not a feature that people would discover on their own. After all, cruise control is usually intended for responsible driving.

5. The Key Fob Deactivates After a Week Without Use

If you go over a week without using your Porsche Boxster at all, you may find the key fob no longer works. Don’t worry, this isn’t the result of it losing the key fob battery or anything other issues. The Porsche Boxster has a built-in mechanism to disable the remote key fob activation if it hasn’t been used for a period of time.

This feature is for the sake of conserving the battery. Both unlocking and locking of your doors will be disabled. If you have not used your Porsche in that long, simply put the key into the lock. From there, the key fob will reactivate and operate as per usual.

6. Umbrella Slot in the Passenger Side Sill

Porsche Boxsters have an Umbrella slot (or holder) in the Passenger Side sill. The Umbrella slot (recess) was removed on the 2014 model of the 981 Boxster.

Boxstertips - Hidden Features - Door Sill Umbrella Slot
Boxstertips – Hidden Features – Door Sill Umbrella Slot
Porsche GT4 Clubsport Pocket Umbrella
Porsche GT4 Clubsport Pocket Umbrella

7. Auto Window with Car Key

The Porsche Boxster Key can be used to automatically open and close both windows at the same time from out side of the Boxster. Simply insert your Boxster key in the door key hole then turn and hold. In 3-5 seconds you can make the windows open or close. Turn and hold counter-clockwise to open or turn and hold clockwise to close both windows at the same time.

8. Stop the Car Alarm Sounding when Removing the Battery

If you remove the Porsche Boxster car battery the alarm will sound. Even with the battery disconnected it will still alarm and uses the built-up power contained in the battery capacitor.

When you need to change the battery in your Porsche Boxster make sure your key is in the first click position (ACC) otherwise, the removal of the battery will cause the sound of the car alarm.

9. The Frunk can hold a Full-Size Keg Perfectly

The front storage compartment (or frunk) can hold a full size keg. Oompah!

10. The Trunk can hold an Entire Set of Golf Clubs

The rear trunk of the Porsche Boxster has no problem storing a set of golf clubs, including both my executive bag and wheeled cart. The secret is that I had to remove the clubs from my bag and insert my clubs, bag, and cart separately. I had no problem with the fit.


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