Boxster Broken Shifter Cable

It is just a matter of time before you experience a Boxster broken shifter cable. The 986 and 987 and 987.2 have a serious issue with the shifter cable snaping. When the cable breaks it will leave you stranded.

When my shifter cable broke I was 10 km (6 miles) from home. My 987.2 was stuck in 3rd gear. I limped home and was unable to shift. I hit my 4-way blinkers and endured the honking of frustrated drivers angry at my slow driving (that was a first.) Only my clutch worked and it was excruciating to ride the clutch to start the car moving.

Porsche has Released Upgraded Shifter Cable Assembly

Every On-Line Porsche Car Forum have multiple dedicated threads on the issue of broken shifter cables. I was very surprised to learn of this as I had never experienced this type of issue on any car that I previously owned.

I was lucky in that my car was still under warranty. Porsche towed my car in and replaced the cables with original OEM shifter cables. This means that there is a very good chance that this issue will happen again.

Porsche has since released a newer set of shifter cables for the 987.2. Using Suncoast Parts, it was odd to see 2 different versions of shifter cables listed. I noticed that Porsche is discontinuing their original shift cable in favor of a newer (twice as expensive) upgrade kit. Porsche is calling it a “Shift Cable Update Kit” and selling it for $799USD. The Updated kit includes 2 additional pieces.

Many forum and PCA members opt to use the Numeric Performance Racing Shifter Cables. Numeric details on their site: “It’s a well-known fact that OEM shifter cables will break at some point in time. The question remains, when? For general maintenance, it is recommended to replace the OEM shifter cables with the Numeric Racing set to prevent this unfriendly occurrence.”

The Numeric Racing Performance Shifter Cables are stiffer than the OEM cables, and also transmit ” absolutely every bit of motion from the transmission selectors” (from supertbone @ Planet-9).

Do not be surprised when this issue occurs. Knowledge is power.

From the Internet:

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