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How to Jack Up your Boxster

When working on your Boxster, you must learn the procedure on how to correctly jack up your Boxster. The procedures for lifting a 3000 lbs (1360 kgs) car are not for amateurs and it requires the right tools to be successful.

Know Your Jack Points

987.2 Designated Jack Point
987.2 Designated Jack Point

The Boxster has a total of 4 designated jacking points. These are located in front of the rear tires and behind the front tires. These spots work well for raising an individual wheel off the ground in order to change a tire. When the vehicle is lifted by using these jack point locations it is not possible to place a jack stand there.

A good reference book for jacking up you Boxster can be found here.

Recommended Tools

Low Profile Hydraulic Jack

Using a Low Profile Jack

Standard Hydraulic jacks will not work with your Boxster. They will not fit under your vehicle. As a result, it is recommended that you use a Low profile hydraulic jack with a minimum of 3000 lb capacity. Many standard jacks will have trouble getting under the vehicle sufficiently to jack up your Porsche. Low Profile Hydraulic jacks are also referred to as Racing Floor Jacks.

Most jacks come with a removable insert. In order to minimize damage to the vehicle undercoating replace the standard head with a customized hockey puck.

Low Profile Jack
Harbor Freight Racing Floor Jack (Low Profile Hydraulic Jack)

Standard Jack Stands

Standard Jack
I don’t recommend conventional jack stands with the v-shaped tops.

I don’t recommend conventional jack stands with the v-shaped tops. You need to pay VERY close attention to the contact points under your car and ensure that the tips are on very flat locations under your car and that they do not shift under the weight of the car. Jack stands should be placed under the four actual jack points. You do not want the car resting on anything other than those points for an extended period of time. Nothing should be bending, you should stop and double-check everything is correct.

ESCO 10498 Jack Stands

A Porsche Club of America (PCA) member recommended ESCO 10498 Jack Stands (3 Ton Capacity). These stands come with flat tops and are perfect for use with your Boxster. These stands are a bit more expensive than conventional stands and are considered and upgraded pick for jack stands.

I wish I had purchased the ESCO stands as my original stands. I have done maintenance on many vehicles throughout the years and had always used jack stands with v-shaped tips or tops. The v-shape is for lifting parts of your car so as to not damage pinch welds that are generally in line with the jack stand mount points on the bottom of many vehicles, EXCEPT Boxsters.

One issue with the Boxster cars is that the jack support spots are very specific and do not have much room for error (if any.) Using the wrong location for jacking up your car or supporting the weight of your car can result in major damage to the bottom of your vehicle.

JackPoint Stands

A solution to this issue was delivered by JackPoint Jack Stands. You use the head (or top) of the Jackpoint stand on your low profile hydraulic jack. lift your vehicle above the height of the JackPoint stand and then slide the Jackpoint base into a position to support the JackPoint head. The Jackpoint stand wraps around the low profile hydraulic jack. You can then remove the low profile hydraulic jack.

JackPoint Jack Stand
JackPoint Jack Stand
Removable Head on Base
Removable Head on Base
Different Fixed Heights
Different Fixed Heights
Comparison of Types of Jacks.
Comparison of Types of Jacks.
John Walton has an excellent Video of the process of using the JackPoint Jack Stand

These tools and their application are all part of knowing how to jack up your Boxster.

Ultimate Dual Locking Positions QuickJack

QuickJack gets your vehicle about 21″ in the air in less than 30 seconds.

QuickJack Ultimate Home Jacking Solution
QuickJack Ultimate Home Jacking Solution

The BL-5000SLX has a 5,000-lb. lifting capacity. As the smallest and lightest frame assembly in our lineup, the true strength of this portable car lift is that it goes virtually anywhere. This QuickJack is so lightweight and space-efficient that it fits in the average car trunk or backseat. Following the initial one-time assembly, all you have to do is hook up the power. With the frames and rubber blocks in place under your vehicle’s lift points, QuickJack will be up and running in no time. It’s really that easy.

Its super-low 3″ profile lets the QuickJack fit where other car lifts and jacks can only dream. And because there aren’t any cross members to worry about with this portable garage lift, you can tailor the platform spacing to fit nearly any vehicle 5,000 lbs. and under. Its lightweight nature makes this portable car lift the perfect tool for the track. Hundreds of satisfied racers and enthusiasts have enjoyed QuickJack for quick wheel service or tune-ups away from home. An optional DC power unit connects the car lift to your car battery or portable battery pack.

Upgrades from the QuickJack to consider would be a 2 post or 4 post lift.

Rules for How to Jack Up your Boxster

1. Work with a Friend

Always work with a friend. They will keep you company, hand you tools, share knowledge, and in case of an emergency call 911 (999, etc).

2. Use Level Ground

ALWAYS have your vehicle needs on level ground, this will save your life. Stands, Jacks, and Ramps are meant to work on level ground. Any slope will result in a level of instability.

3. Use Stable Ground

Park your vehicle is on solid ground (concrete is the best.) If you are using asphalt or pavement to be aware of the external temperature and how it can cause the asphalt or pavement to dramatically soften under the weight of your vehicle. When you are jacking your Boxster on asphalt, reinforce the ground with thick plywood. It will increase the stability of both your jack stands and jack.

4. Read Your Owner’s Manual

Please read your owner’s manual. All vehicles have recommended points for using jack stands, and capacity requirements for the use therein. Use jack stands that can support 50% of the weight of your vehicle.

5. Stabilize your car using Chocks

Put your car in gear. Place Wheel chocks opposite where you are lifting. Use two chocks, in front of and behind the wheel to make sure your car does not roll in any direction.

6. Lifting the Vehicle

Choose a jack point in the center of the front or rear suspension or frame (as outlined in your Owner’s Manual.) Or jack up the vehicle using a solid jacking point (as outlined in your Owner’s Manual), leaving enough room for the jack stand to support the car.

7. Supporting your Vehicle

Always support your vehicle using Jack Stands as opposed to the jack itself. Jack up your vehicle and then support the weight on a jack stand, never depend on the jack (solely). Adjust your stands to your desired height and lock your stands in place using the locking pin or pawl. Do not use wood to gain more height as the wood can slip or split causing horrific results. NEVER (we can’t stress this enough) ever put any part of your body under a vehicle supported only by a jack!

8. Check Each Jack Stand

Check each jack stand is supporting the vehicle. Make sure that the stand when under the weight of the vehicle cannot move or become loose. Make sure that you cannot wiggle the stand even only fractionally. Ensure all jack stand pins, pawls, and locks are set properly to prevent any chance of collapse.

9. Shake Your Car

Gently shake your vehicle to confirm it is secure. Your car should not move at all! An unstable jack stand may collapse and should never be at an angle or be able to move from its original position and alignment. Once your car passes the shake test, it is safe to work on your vehicle.

You can start work when your vehicle is safely supported on Jack Stands.

Note: Even the use of jack stands does not eliminate all danger in being underneath a vehicle.

All around the world mechanics, car enthusiasts, DIYers, and people in a hurry have damaged vehicles, even injured or killed themselves or other people, for skipping this critical safety step! No matter how experienced you are or how quick the job will be, you must never forget to support your vehicle properly, every time you need to lift your car. PERIOD.

You need to know how to jack up your Boxster.

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