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Boxster Rear Plastic Window CRACKED

A Critical Issue on Boxster 986 cars is when their Boxster Rear Plastic Window becomes CRACKED.

Porsche produced the original Boxster with a plastic rear window, consequently, the limitations for use are quite high because of “cold crack” and scratching problems. In 2003 Porsche upgraded the Boxster to a glass rear screen, however, they changed the pattern at the same time making it impossible to upgrade the old cars with the new convertible top.

Boxster 986 Rear Window
Boxster 986 Rear Window

Not recommended to lower the 986 top in real cold weather

Be very careful when opening your convertible top in cold weather. The colder the weather the more prone your plastic rear window is apt to crack.

Newer windows are very pliable but age sees the rear plastic windows get brittle and inflexible.

Boxster Chop

All owners of a 986 with rear plastic window need to learn the “Boxster Chop”. You need to get your black belt in this critical defensive maneuver.

When you do lower the top, open the top enough to start the rear window folding then get out of the car and do a ‘chop’ with your arm/hand and make a nice even crease/fold in the window so when you open the top all the way the window doesn’t develop a compound fold/crease.

The “Boxster Chop” is recommended in all weather conditions as a defensive measure.

What is the Boxster Chop?!?

Many 986 owners opt to get a new canvas top, complete with a new glass window. If you’re looking to buy an early Boxster 986, please keep in mind this upgrade and the costs involved.

All Boxster Forum Sites will have multiple dedicated threads on this issue and offer many solutions for resolution.

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