Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade

The Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade is hands down the cheapest and easiest upgrade for adding performance or for tracking your car. The GT3 upgrade improves aerodynamics and the volume of air to cool your front rotors.

If you track your Boxster, or do a lot of long, high speed driving, this is a simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade you can make, in less than 30 minutes. The upgrade will provide more cooling air to your front brake rotors and calipers. All you need to do is to swap out the stock factory Porsche Boxster brake duct Spoilers for a set of the factory Porsche GT3 brake duct Spoilers.

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Brake Cooling Duct Upgrade
GT3 Brake Cooling Duct Upgrade

The next time you are changing or servicing your brakes, you can easily put the GT3 brake duct spoilers on. You can source these parts for your 986, 987, 987.2, 981 Boxsters from most online Porsche Part suppliers.

You are using factory Porsche parts and it is an easy upgrade as the parts are fully interchangeable.

This is a Porsche part and can be sourced from any Porsche Parts Supplier. You are using the Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade and installing in place of your stock Boxster Brake Ducts Spoilers. Use your Porsche Club Member Number to get a further discount.

Stock 986s on top, GT3 in the middle and the GT2's on bottom.
Comparison: Stock 986s on top, GT3 in the middle and the GT2’s on bottom.
Photo Credit to harryrcb “The Crazy Austrian”

If you look hard, it is easy to spot the cars that have done the Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade.

Great Video of the Installation from Cayman Videos

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