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Boxster Hood and Trunk Strut Failure

Over time the struts that hold up the front hood and rear trunk on a Boxster or Cayman will fail. Unfortunately, Boxster Hood and Trunk Strut Failure are inevitable.

When this happens it can be quite painful as the front hood will potentially come down on your head.

It can be embarrassing to open the hood on your beautiful Porsche to only have the hood or trunk lid fail on you. Don’t put off this simple repair.

Replacing the Hood and Trunk Struts is an Easy Repair

Part #2

The good news is the replacement is fairly simple and can be done in under 15 minutes. The parts also don’t cost much at approximately $20 USD each strut.

Strut Failures

I have had the unfortunate experience of replacing my both hood struts and my truck struts twice. That is a total of 6 replacement struts, 2 for the hood, and 1 for the trunk in my 2009 Boxster S.

I found this very frustrating, specially when my trunk strut is now failing (once again.)

Originally I was purchasing the cheapest struts in stock online from eBay and Amazon. I see now that this was a bad idea and as a result of the multiple failures.

Boxster Hood and Trunk Strut Failure Reasons

Only possible reason that I experienced multiple strut failures is due to storing my car during the winter in an unheated garage. The extreme cold weather must be playing havoc on the gas damping struts.

Other reasons could be wear and tear, age, or damage from abuse (track, accident, etc.)

Strut Recommendations:

OEM Strut Manufacturer for Porsche

I am standardizing on the Stabilus (OEM) brand of struts for my Boxster from now on until I learn of a superior brand.

DIY Replacing Struts

All you’ll need to replace the struts are a small screwdriver, something to temporarily hold up the “frunk” or trunk, and the replacement strut(s.) Access to the struts is very easy, but be careful when replacing them.

Step 1: Prop Up Hood

Open the hood, frunk, or trunk far enough to release the load on the hood strut(s) (shocks or dampers.) Grab one of the struts and give it a light twist or wiggle to make sure it is not supporting any weight. At this point prop up your hood securely so it will not bang you on the head. Use a long lightweight stick such as a broomstick or PVC pipe.

Step 2: Removing Hood Strut

If there are 2 struts involved, remove 1 strut and replace it with a new strut. Use a small flathead screwdriver. It may be necessary to pry open metal clips on the top and bottom of the strut, otherwise simply pop off the strut connection head from the ball joint or pivot point. BONUS: take this opportunity to “lightly” grease the ball joint connection with some white lithium grease.

Make sure to replace only 1 strut at a time as your proceed.

Where to Buy the Struts

If you own a Porsche 986 or 996 you can find the replacement struts here. For owners of 987 or 997 models, you can find replacement struts here.

If you are planning to purchase from a Porsche Dealer directly, do not forget to show your PCA Membership card to receive a further 5% to 20% discount.

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