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Best Rain Repellent for your Windshield

The best rain repellent for windshield will keep your windshield clear. If you want the best rain repellent, pick up the classic Rain-X Original Glass Treatment.

Rain-X Original Glass Treatment, Repels rain, Sleet, Improves Driving Visibility – 16 oz.

Rain-X invisible glass rain repellent repels rain, snow, and sleet. It dramatically improves your wet-weather driving visibility. In addition, this treatment diverts precipitation off the glass and improves your ability to see while driving in harsh weather conditions.

Best Rain Repellent for your Windshield

Rain-X forms a hydrophobic coating that causes water to bead up and quickly slide off your windshield.

You may need to re-apply Rain-X about once a month to maintain effectiveness.

Best Rain Repellent for your Windshield

An upgrade pick and Porsche web forum favorite is the Aquapel Glass Treatment. Aquapel comes in its own single use applicator.

Aquapel Glass Treatment By PGW 6 Single Use Applicators PPG

The Aquapel Glass Treatment lasts longer than Rain-X, consequently you can go 3-6 months before you need to re-treat your windshield. Making this product preferred over the Rain-X treatment.

Howto Application Instructions for Aquapel
Comparison of Rain-X vs Aqualpel

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