Best Spark Plugs for your Porsche Boxster

The best spark plugs for your Porsche Boxster are the original OEM Spark Plug manufacturer for Porsche, which is Bosch.

We run Bosch Spark Plugs in all our Boxsters and recommend them highly.

Boxstertips - Best Spark Plugs for your Porsche Boxster - Bosch
Boxstertips – Best Spark Plugs for your Porsche Boxster – Bosch

Porsche on early Boxsters 1999-2004 used Beru Z129 spark plugs  (except the 2.5L models which used the ).

20002.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20003.2 Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20012.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20013.2L Roadster S Convertible 2-Door
20022.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20023.2L S Convertible 2-Door
20032.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20033.2L S Convertible 2-Door
20042.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20043.2L S Convertible 2-Door
20052.7L Base Convertible 2-Door
20053.2L S Convertible 2-Door
20062.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20063.2L S Convertible 2-Door
20072.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20073.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20082.7L Roadster Convertible 2-Door
20083.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20083.4L RS 60 Spyder Convertible 2-Door
20083.4L S Limited Edition Convertible 2-Door
20092.9L Base Convertible 2-Door
20093.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20093.4L S Porsche Design Convertible 2-Door
20102.9L Base Convertible 2-Door
20103.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20112.9L Base Convertible 2-Door
20113.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20113.4L Spyder Convertible 2-Door
20122.9L Base Convertible 2-Door
20123.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20123.4L S Black Edition Convertible 2-Door
20123.4L Spyder Convertible 2-Door
20132.7L Base Convertible 2-Door
20133.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20142.7L Base Convertible 2-Door
20143.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20152.7L Base Convertible 2-Door
20153.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20153.4L GTS Convertible 2-Door
20162.7L Base Convertible 2-Door
20162.7L Black Edition Convertible 2-Door
20163.4L S Convertible 2-Door
20163.4L GTS Convertible 2-Door
20163.8L Spyder Convertible 2-Door
20172.0L Base Convertible 2-DoorBuy Amazon 
20182.0L Base Convertible 2-DoorBuy Amazon 

When Should You Change Your Spark Plugs in Your Porsche Boxster?

As a daily driver, we recommend changing your spark plugs every 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever comes first) to 3 years or 40,000 miles (whichever comes first.

We recommend changing your Bosch Spark Plugs yearly if you are tracking your car.

Changing Your Porsche Boxster Spark Plugs

Changing your spark plugs will need to be done from underneath the car. You need to have access to both sides of the engine. This will require you to jack up the rear of your Boxster, using RhinoGear RhinoRamps , or the ultimate QuickJack BL-5000SLX .

If this is your first time changing your plugs, we recommend jacking your car up onto jack stands and removing the rear wheels. This will make it easier to access the spark plugs. It will also give you more room to change your spark plugs and have a better view of your engine.

Boxstertips - How to Jack Up Your Boxster
Boxstertips – How to Jack Up Your Boxster

The spark plugs are located on the bottom outside of the engine. Changing your spark plugs is covered in Project #7 in the 101 Projects for Your Porsche Boxster .

Boxstertips - 101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster
Boxstertips – 101 Projects for your Porsche Boxster

Make sure you have a magnetic spark plug wrench with multiple extensions as access will be very tight. See Section 6.1 in the following article:

Boxstertips - What Tools Do You Need for a Porsche Boxster
Boxstertips – What Tools Do You Need for a Porsche Boxster

Anti-Seize and Spark Plugs?

Using Anti-Seize on your spark plug threads is the topic of great debate on many Porsche Boxster Online Forums. Below is a quote directly from Steve Weiner at Rennsport Systems.

FWIW, I’ve used copper-based anti-seize on every plug installed in an aluminum-headed engine for 34+ years without any difficulties or issues whatsoever. For me, this has prevented problems when extracting the old plugs and has not affected the operating temp range.
It is critically important to use very little and ensure that it is spread evenly across the threads. The “Devil is in the Details” 


However, Porsche specifically released a Technical Bulletin on the use of lubricant on Spark Plugs in Porsche engines and states “Do not use any lubricant on the Spark Plug threads.”

Check Your Spark Plugs for Fouling

When you know how to read the spark plugs that you take out of your engine, you can determine the general condition of your engine.

One point, if you had just replaced your AOS, expect your spark plugs to be heavily fouled.

Boxstertips - Porsche Boxster Exhausts White Smoke - What is Wrong
Boxstertips – Porsche Boxster Exhausts White Smoke – What is Wrong

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