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Boxstertips: Getting the Most out of Your Boxster
Getting the Most out of your Boxster

  • Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade
    The Boxster GT3 Brake Duct Spoiler Upgrade is hands down the cheapest and easiest upgrade for adding performance or tracking your car. The GT3 upgrade improves aerodynamics and the volume of air to cool your front rotors. If you track your Boxster or do a lot of long, high-speed driving, this is a simple and … Read more
  • 9 Tips on Buying a Used Porsche Boxster
    Today, we embark on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic world of Porsche Boxsters, led by none other than the illustrious author, Robert McGowan, whose profound understanding of these iconic vehicles has left an indelible mark on the automotive literary landscape. We asked Robert McGowan to outline “9 Tips on Buying a Used Porsche Boxster”. … Read more
  • Best Battery Charger for Your Boxster
    If you plan on ever parking your Boxster for more than 3 weeks, you will need the Best Battery Charger for your Porsche Boxster. Maintaining proper voltage in the Porsche battery is the best thing you can do to maximize battery performance and extend the lifespan of the battery. A major concern when parking, winterizing or … Read more
  • Avoid Porsche Parts Facebook Scams
    Facebook Marketplace has become a popular platform for buying and selling Porsche Parts. It is critical that you Avoid Porsche Parts Facebook Scams. 1.0 Introduction to Facebook Scams Facebook Marketplace has become a popular platform for buying and selling goods locally. It is critical that you Avoid Porsche Parts Facebook Scams. Facebook attracts scammers who … Read more
  • Porsche Wreckers & Dismantlers
    Sourcing used Porsche Boxster Parts from Specialized Porsche Wreckers and Dismantlers can save you $1,000s. Porsche parts can be very expensive when purchased new vs used. Purchasing Leather Seats, Exhausts and even full engines happens daily. Using the internet lets you check the price and uncover very hard-to-find parts. 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 Please note that … Read more
  • Difference Between a 986 and 987 – Porsche Boxster
    The difference between the Porsche Boxster 986 and the Porsche Boxster 987 are two different generations of the Boxster sports car. Here are some of the differences between the two: Overall, the Boxster 987 was an improvement over the Boxster 986 in terms of performance, interior quality, and design, although both models are still considered … Read more
  • Porsche Boxster Radiator Cap Upgrade 986 987 987.2 981
    We recommend you upgrade your Porsche Boxster Radiator Cap at your first chance. Porsche has made several upgrades to this cap and the current version does the trick. At any sign of radiator fluid leaks or moisture detected in your trunk area, do this simple upgrade. CRITICAL: NEVER Work on Coolant Reservoir Cap when the … Read more
  • How to Jack Up your Boxster
    When working on your Boxster, you must learn the procedure on how to correctly jack up your Boxster. The procedures for lifting a 3000 lbs (1360 kgs) car are not for amateurs and it requires the right tools to be successful. Know Your Jack Points The Boxster has a total of 4 designated jacking points. … Read more
  • Porsche Yearly Maintenance Tips – Porsche Boxster
    The yearly maintenance of your Porsche Boxster is critical to the successful operation of your Boxster for many years to come. Regular maintenance and upkeep mean fewer costs and headaches down the road. No harm has come from the over-maintenance of your Porsche, however, a lack of maintenance can be significantly more expensive and have … Read more
  • 987 Service Maintenance Schedule – Porsche Boxster
    This maintenance service schedule checklist is for the 2005-2008 987.1 (or 987) Service Maintenance Schedule. Regular maintenance on every Porsche is critical for the Boxster to function optimally. However, not everyone adheres to this schedule of service. Regular maintenance can be a hassle that no one wants to do it. Porsche service is essential to … Read more
  • Best Auto Deals on Amazon Today – Boxstertips
    These are the best Best Auto Deals on Amazon Today. Amazon changes its prices hourly. These are the heaviest discounts that you can find on Amazon Today! This web page is updated hourly and is an excellent tool for gifts, upgrades, and new technology for your Porsche Boxster and any other cars. 10 Reasons to … Read more
  • Porsche Boxster Gas Cap Replacement 986 987
    The replacement of the Porsche Boxster gas cap is very simple and straightforward. Reasons for Replacing Porsche Boxster Gas Cap With age and use, the Porsche Boxster Gas Cap can experience wear or cracking. This results in an uneven seal to the gas tank and EVAP canister. CEL (Check Engine Light) If you are driving … Read more